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Website News
ByteCenter Relaunched!
Our website has once again been relaunched and services are again available for use. We are continuing development on the planned scripts and working to release new ones with web-2.0 styleish features.
March 17th 2016 @ 22:04 EDT

Welcome to ByteCenter :: Welcome Home

Welcome to the ByteCenter Network, a free service that offers online cloud hosted dynamic applications to help you retain visitors to your website.

We currently offer the following services:

Date & Time
Show the current date on time on your website.
Let your vistors post an entry into a dynamic online guestbook.
Form eMailer
Put a form on your website to let your vistiors send you email. Useful for feedback and contact forms!
Random Link / Image
Send your visitors to a random page on your website, or a random internet site. Random site list is fully customizable.
Place Google® search results directly on your website. Google WebAPI key required.
Visitor Counters
Count visitors to your website. Select from several differnt customizable digit styles or even upload your own. We support multiple counters per account so you can track traffic on individual pages or your entire site!

Learn more about our upcoming scripts!

The ByteCenter Development Lab has alot of information about our new and upcoming scripts. Find out about the status of scripts, test pending release scripts, help improve current bytecenter scripts by offering suggestions and testing the improvements. Please visit our dev labs at:

Message Board / Discussion Forums
Allow your visitors to chat with each other publicly on a discussion forum, post news, messages, and get feedback about your site directly from your visitors.
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